Monday, September 28, 2020

    Trailer Of Ram Gopal Varma’s Film ‘Coronavirus’ Released


    The world is still fighting coronavirus pandemic and Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has already made a film on it. Titled as ‘Coronavirus’, the film has been directed by Agasthya Manju. The trailer was released by Ram Gopal Varma on his YouTube channel. He claims that it is world’s first film to be made on Coronavirus. He also shared it on Twitter and wrote, “Here is the CORONAVIRUS film trailer. The story is set in a LOCKDOWN and it has been SHOT during LOCKDOWN ..Wanted to prove no one can stop our work whether it’s GOD or CORONA.” The film is in the Telugu language with English sub-titles. The movie shows how even a cough can make you feel the chills. The 4 minute trailer has chilling music, giving a total feel that it is a Ram Gopal Varma’s film. No release date has been given out by the makers as yet. Well, are you looking forward to watching this film?

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