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Top Bollywood Celebrities Who Own Stylish Fashion Brands

Here is a list of Top Bollywood Celebrities who ruin their own stylish fashion brands.

Bollywood Celebrities are always ruling the red carpet with their amazing fashion and style game with uniquely designed dresses. Even Fashion designers hope to design their outfits because of the elegance and authenticity of celebrities. 

Just as they rule the red carpet, there are many Bollywood celebrities who run their own stylish fashion brands. Let us take a look at some of those celebrities.

1. Being Human

No one is unknown to this brand owned by Salman Khan. Being Human is now the top fashion brand according to the standards of the Indian Markets. As we all know Salman also owns a charitable organization with the same name. The Fashion brand is popular among commoners because of its style and affordable rates.

2. Rheson Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor recently started her fashion brand named Rheson co-partnering with her sister Rhea Kapoor. Rheson is now growing as the popularity in the markets.

3. HRX

HRX is also among the top fashion brands in the Indian market. It is owned by Hrithik Roshan. HRX specializes in sportswear for men and women.

4. All About You

Deepika Padukone owns this fashion brand All About You. The brand also features some of the outfits which Deepika has slayed in her movies and other red carpet events.

5. Nush

Nush is a fashion brand owned by Anushka Sharma. Nush specializes in bright ethnics and western outfits and other accessories. Comparable to other celeb brands Nush is a bit expensive, but the quality is worth its cost.

Some other celebrity fashion brands are:

6. Skult – Shahid Kapoor

7. Trunk Label – Bipasha Basu

8. One 8 – Virat Kohli

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