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Top Bollywood celebrities duplicates on tiktok

Here are some tiktok stars who are lookalikes of top Bollywood Actresses.

TikTok became a very huge platform soon after it was launched. The app became popular among the youth as the app provided an opportunity for many young talents to perform their acting skills through short videos. Some people gained huge popularity because of their amazing acting and performing skill. Some top names on TikTok are Faisal Shaikh(Mr. Faisu), Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, etc.

Another reason for the popularity of some tiktok users is their resemblance to top Bollywood celebrities. Today we will take a look at some female tiktok users who are lookalikes of top Bollywood actresses.

1) Pinki Saha

Pinki Saha a female tiktok user who shows high resemblance with Bollywood actress Kajol. Pinki Saha has a total of 750K+ followers on Tiktok and is increasing. 

2) Sana Yashu

Sana Yashu is a young talented tiktok user who is a look like of Bollywood cutie Alia Bhatt. Sana is young and cute just like Alia and has a total of 250K+ followers on tiktok.

3) Asmita Gupta

Smita Gupta is a young and multitalented tiktok user. Right from the facial expression to the dialogue delivery Asmita Gupta is a lookalike of Bollywood’s Bebo Kareena Kapoor. Asmita is so amazing that she also has received compliments of have given better expressions than Kareena Kapoor herself. Asmita has a total of 230K+ followers.

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