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Top 5 Young Singers Of India

These are some of the young singers of India, who are really great to here.

India is developing with every passing day in every field. A lot of young talent is coming up regularly in various departments. The same way Indian music is growing with many young singers making their mark in the industry. Some of these young singers are making their mark in Bollywood as well.

Here are the top 5 singers from India who are becoming big and gaining recognition in the music industry.

1) Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik has become the recent favorite of a lot of music lovers. At just the age of 24, Armaan has made a good name in the industry. Armaan has a very soulful voice and we are loving all his songs.

2) Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval is 25 years of age and has gained enough recognition in the music industry. He started his career through a reality show India’s Raw Talent and gained a huge following.

3) Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia has now become the youtube sensation. She has won a lot of hearts with her lovely voice. She is just 25 years of age and has been performing for various international concerts.

4) Palak Muchhal

Palak Muchhal has been in the Bollywood Music industry for the past few years and has sung various beautiful songs for different movies.

5) Jasleen Royal

Jasleen has gained a good name in the music industry as a composer and singer. She has given her a beautiful voice for various amazing songs.

With the rising young talent in the country, our expectations have increased.

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