Top 5 Most Requested Indian Wedding Songs of All Time

Today we have a list of 5 most requested songs in Indian weddings.

Music is the most important part of any Indian Wedding, After All, how came it be a wedding without any dancing. There are various rituals in an Indian Wedding and music is required right from the first ritual to the last one. The best source to find songs to match every ritual in an Indian wedding is Bollywood music. 

Today we will share a list of 5 most requested songs which you can download and keep the playlist ready for the upcoming wedding in your family.

1) Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna

This song from the iconic movie DDLJ is the first preference of every wedding dancer during the Mehendi ritual of the wedding. Everyone tries to copy the SRK and Kajol moves in this song.

2) Bole Chudiya

Bole Chudiya from the movie K3G is also among the Indian wedding song favorite. Every girl gang in Indian wedding practices the dance moves in this song with their bangles.

3) London Thumakda

London Thumakda from the movie Queen is the recent favorite of all the aunties at the wedding. They all love to dance on this song on a Sangeet night.

4) Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya from the 1995 Yaarana is considered to be the most requested song during a Baarat. All the uncles and Jija’s tend to perform their snake dance on this song.

5) Dilbaro

Dilbaro from Raazi is in the request list during the Vidaai ritual. Dilbaro is a recent favorite. Previously it was Baabul Ki Duwaaye.

Download this playlist and enjoy any Indian wedding.