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Tisca Chopra On Bollywood Films Not Working, Says ‘If You Know The Trick, It’s No Longer Magic’

Tisca Chopra opened up on the boycott of Bollywood calls and films not working at the box office

Tisca Chopra is basking success for her new show Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya. The show is a battle between rationality and superstition. The supernatural thriller series is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. During the interviews of Dahan, Tisca Chopra opened up on the boycott of Bollywood calls. 

These days Bollywood is in a poor stage with neitizens boycotting every other film. Bollywood movies are facing major backlash from people through the boycott trend. The Hindi film industry is under unanticipated blow with consecutive films getting flop at the box office. Netizens are targeting every film calling for a boycott and this cancel culture trend has been impacting films badly. Now Tisca Chopra has come forward to speak on the boycott trend and films not working at the box office. 

In a new interview, Tisca said artists like her exist because the audience watches them. Commenting on films not working at the time is because people started looking at things commercially. She also believes if writing is improved films will work at the box office.

In a recent interview, Tisca Chopra said, “A lot of the makers are men of commerce. They will constantly look at things from a commercial point of view. For them, commerce involves economies of scale and a formula because you have to sell stuff. However, the business of entertainment relies on pulling a rabbit out of a hat. If you know the trick, it’s no longer magic.”

She further added this is not permanent but a phase that will pass. She says, “Somewhere every few years, there comes a little bit of a seismic change where the makers–which include the producers and directors–need to understand that things are getting predictable and repetitive. Now, we need to rethink. Change is the order of the day.”

Talking about solutions she said, “If a little bit more energy and emphasis is put on writing and developing writing as the base upon which you build a structure, you will have far better and fresher content at all times.”

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