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Times Akshay Kumar Proved That Has A Big Heart

Here are some moments when Akshay Kumar proved that he has a big generous heart.

Akshay Kumar is the name among the top Bollywood actors. He has gained a huge reputation and a big fan following. He is also among the respected people of the industry. Akshay is popular for his acting skills, his action sequences, his fitness, his generosity and also a lot of other things.

One thing that we are sure about Akshay Kumar is that he has a very big heart. Here are a few times when we got the live proof that Akshay has a very generous heart and a helpful nature. Here are the moments.

1. A sudden death of a stuntman he knew, took him back and as we all know Akshay is known to perform his own stunts, He made a pact with the makers of the movie that all the stuntmen should get paid the same amount as he gets to perform a particular stunt.

2. After Indian Women Cricket team lost the finals of the Women’s world cup by a very short margin. It was really heartbreaking for all of us. Akshay Kumar was present for the match and after the game ended he went and the female heroes so that he could cheer them up with his jolly nature.

3. If we start listing the donations and other campaigns Akshay has helped the time will fall short. Even after being in the list of top earners in the Forbes magazine, Akshay Kumar makes sure of lending a helping hand to the needy.

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