This Picture Of Kangana Ranaut With Sanjay Dutt Is Making People Angry

Kangana Ranaut recently shared a picture with Sanjay Dutt after the duo met in Hyderabad. The picture has created rage amongst people.

Controversy queen Kangana Ranaut is facing heavy criticism for posting a picture with Sanjay Dutt. This simple picture of the two actors has created a rage amongst people. You must be wondering what is wrong with this picture exactly. Well, people say that this picture reflects Kangana’s hypocrisy.

Kangana posted this picture on her Twitter and wrote, “When I got to know we were staying in the same hotel in Hyderabad, I went to see Sanju sir this morning to check on his health and was pleasantly surprised to see him look even more handsome and healthy. We pray for your long life and good health.”

In reply, Sanjay Dutt, who has just recovered from cancer also thanked for paying a visit. This warm visit from Kangana isn’t going well with her supporters.

The hypocrisy that people are mentioning here is that a while ago, Kangana was fighting against Nepotism and Drug Mafia in Bollywood and is now spending good time with Sanjay Dutt who is not only a star kid of Sunil Dutt and Nargis but is also known to have taken drugs. Well, it is also known that Sanjay Dutt is a close friend of Bhatt family with whom Kangana holds big grudges and doesn’t leave a chance to bash publicly.

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Well, for a common citizen, it is hard to understand the dynamics of the glamour industry. 

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