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This One Wish Of Nadeem-Shravan Will Remain Unfulfilled Forever

Nadeem and Shravan had a big plan to execute after Covid-10. However, with Shravan's demise, it will never be fulfilled.

The journey of the popular music composer duo Nadeem-Shravan came to an end after Shravan Rathod passed away this month due to Covid-19. Nadeem Saifi and Shravan Rathod created music for hundreds of super-hit songs in the 90s.

His sudden death has left his fans and friends from Bollywood fraternity in shock. And one of them is his partner Nadeem Saifi. In a recent interview, Nadeem revealed that they had one wish that will now remain unfulfilled forever. He said, “I wanted to do a Farewell Tour with Shravan, which would have had us performing to our hit songs in different parts of the world. We were looking forward to it but the lockdown came as a big dampener. We thought we would certainly do it after things improve on the COVID front but alas!”

He also told that he had talked to Shravan 25 days prior to his demise.

Shravan was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai after he tested positive. However, he had stopped responding to the treatment and was on a ventilator.

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