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The Tenant Starring Shamita Shetty Trailer Released!!

The Tenant trailer released starring Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty is one of the popular names in Bollywood. She has done many movies but lately, she has not been seen in any projects. Today the actress posted on her Instagram handle about her upcoming movie The Tenant. The poster of the movie is very intriguing and today the trailer is been released.

TrailerThe Tenant

The movie trailer opens up with a teenage boy who has a boring life. Not many friends and a crush to whom he is afraid to talk. A typical teenage boy wants to be treated like a man but still is treated like a child. His life changes when a woman enters his society. She is very beautiful and modern and this attracts him.

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The society members also feel good to have a woman resembling an artist and the men try to woo her. This boy becomes a good friend with Shamita and both hang out together. He starts to develop a feeling for her even his friends start to try their lunch by stalking her, seeing her through the window, etc.

The scene changes when something from her past comes into eyes of the society. They treat her like a disgrace in the building and women also see her as a man-charmer. Things are falling apart and their friendship is also at stake. What will he do now?

The trailer gives a beautiful message of the coming of age of a boy and a woman he admires both in limbo to be judged by society and rising above it. the movie is releasing on 10 February 2023.

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