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The Real Story Behind What Led To Kartik And KJo’s Fallout

In a new and latest news report by a leading digital entertainment portal off late, fans of dapper B town star get to know the real story behind what led to Kartik and Karan fallout.

A lot of news media reports had been giving out rather speculative and half-baked stories behind the much controversial Kartik Aaryan and Karan Johar’s tiff which led to Kartik’s ouster from Dostana 2 and also him getting banned by Dharma Productions as well but now we give the real story behind what led to Kartik and KJo’s fallout.

Whilst a leading digital bollywood portal broke out the story that it was Kartik’s unprofessionalism which was creating hassles for Dostana 2 shoot and now yet another leading digital entertainment portal has reported the real story behind what led to Kartik and KJo’s fallout.

This is indeed an interesting piece of news here which gives out the real story behind what led to Kartik and KJo’s fallout.

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The report said that the differences between both of them started when Kartik tried renegotiating with Dharma Productions banner to increase his fees as per his current market value wherein he had originally signed Dostana 2 in 2019 for Rs 2 – 3 crores, he earnestly tried getting his current market value which is 10 crores.

The report also mentioned how this was considered as unprofessional by Karan Johar which was followed by KJo compensating for it by getting Kartik onboard for Mr Lele starring Janhvi Kapoor and the insider in his interview byte with a leading digital entertainment portal informed, “Kartik Aaryan had come on board Dostana 2 in 2019 for a minimal amount of Rs. 2-3 crores, and at present his market value is upside of Rs. 10 crores. At first, he asked Karan for a hike in his acting fees mid-way as his market value had gone up big time in the last two years. While Karan believed it was unprofessional on Kartik’s part to renegotiate the remuneration mid-way, he tried to compensate him with another film, Mr Lele. Kartik also agreed to come on board the said film and was all charged up for a quirky ride”.

But later on, the twist in tale was that this film went to Vicky Kaushal which left Kartik really upset with KJo’s production banner wherein even Shashank Khaitan helmed Yoddha also went to Shahid Kapoor and even though he didn’t give a nod for this film, but even then Dharma had not considered Kartik for the role and explaining same, the insider also went on to add, “But to his surprise, he found himself replaced all of a sudden by Vicky Kaushal without being notified. Kartik was also upset with Dharma Productions when they gave Shashank Khaitan’s Yoddha to Shahid Kapoor. Although Shahid soon quit, they never approached Kartik for the role anyway”.

Then next, Karan finally offered a film based on cricket, a sports biopic which was going to be directed by Sharan Sharma and hence, Kartik just to be sure about the film asked KJo for a real contract and meanwhile, the Luka Chuppi star went on postponing and pushing ahead the shooting schedule for Dostana 2 giving out the COVID 19 pandemic as the reason but when he shot for Dhamaka amidst the pandemic, this really left Karan Johar upset with him and sharing more details on same, the insider also asserted, “Meanwhile, Kartik continued giving reasons of the Covid 19 pandemic to not start shoot for Dostana 2 and Karan didn’t push him much either given their relationship. But when he shot for Dhamaka, Karan was upset. They had an indoor meeting where Karan expressed his disappointment”.

He furthermore also speaking about what exactly happened in the meeting between the actor and producer and what Kartik told Karan, shared, “I will shoot for Dostana 2, only after you sign the contract for Sharan Sharma’s next. Karan felt there was a total lack of trust and couldn’t commit to the film until the script and screenplay were locked”.

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