The Madness Of Bholaa Has Begun: Trailer Out Now

Bholaa trailer gives lots of questions about who is the villain and the audience will be blown away by Ajay Devgan's gothic look.

Bholaa starring Ajay Devgan is in talks since the movie wrapped up its schedule. The teasers of the movie have already given a lot of goosebumps to the audience seeing Ajay Devgn in a different avatar. Fans have been patiently waiting for the trailer after the teaser teased us a lot.

The trailer of the movie is finally here. Here take a look-

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The trailer opens up with Bhola being released from jail after his sentence and Tabu being in charge asking him for a favor. She has been assigned to catch a group who are selling drugs illegally and since Bhola is a criminal, he knows a criminal mind. As the story runs parallel to Bhola’s love story and that love has fruit which is his daughter is raised in an orphanage.

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He is met with lots of obstacles and helping the police offers comes with perks. The chase against time will decide who the culprit and Bholaa reaching his daughter. The trailer seems to be very promising and the action is what Ajay Devgan is known for. There are certain instances in Bholaa where the true sense of (the meaning) Bholaa is given with Ajay Devgn holding Trishul is a marvel to watch. The movie is set to be released on 30 March 2023.