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The Incredible Music Journey of Darshan Raval

India’s 24-year-old most mesmeric voice of singer Darshan Raval has emerged as one of the most popular male voices, you’ve been living under a rock, India’s biggest breakout music star. And–as we soon find out–perhaps its humblest too.

A reality TV star, what shot to fame after singing a song for Salman Khan (Kheech Meri Photo in Sanam Teri Kasam), singer Darshan Raval, who has a YouTube following of 1.4 million subscribers, has definitely carved a place for himself as a social media superstar.

The latest songs by Darshan Rawal – Chogada and Kamariya – are weaving magic at charts. Dhaval shared some interesting details about his career, Here’s what Darshan Raval revealed.

On starting his music career at an early stage, he was honored to receive lots of opportunities at a pretty early age. 

He first planted the seeds of his singing career by putting out covers of popular Bollywood songs on YouTube back home in Ahmedabad. 

It got him enough attention to get scouted to audition for the reality singing show India’s Raw Star in 2014, and although he didn’t win (he was the first runner up), it put him on the path to fame outside the webspace in less than a year.

His Bollywood debut with “Jab Tum Chaho,” composed by music producer Himesh Reshammiya for the 2015 Salman Khan-starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, granted him his first bout of mainstream attention but it’s what he did with it that made all the difference.

Raval rose to superstardom by understanding and balancing organic digital growth with a successful Bollywood career, while simultaneously cementing a reputation as an artist who is unwilling to sacrifice creativity. 

It’s a new definition of what it means to be a mainstream singer in India, and perhaps an answer to the question of how to establish yourself in a country that’s obsessed with Bollywood, but also hungry for new forms of content outside it. 

Raval says it’s not an overnight process, Raval is dynamic and forward-thinking as an artist and is fierce in his determination to make a positive change in the world through his music.

He always wants to make songs through which people can feel loved and safe. Songs that evoke feelings that only other human beings can.

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