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The CBI Investigation Continues In Sushant’s Death Case

The official ANI twitter handle deciding to end the rumors of CBI investigation being over in the late actor's death case has made it clear that the CBI investigation continues in Sushant's death case.

We did see that how earlier, there were unofficial and fake reports floating in the media mills about how CBI is all set to close its investigation in the ongoing death case of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. But now the apex investigation agency has come forward and made it clear that the CBI investigation continues in Sushant’s death case.

The gossip mongers, the grapevine rumours and speculative theories which had been circulating in the media from past few days have now become silenced and quietened once and for all since it’s the central core agency coming to the forefront which has made an official statement for the same and said that the CBI investigation continues in Sushant’s death case.

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We can certainly say that the death of Sushant had shook the entire world and how the efforts of his fans, the family, his fans trends for his justice which trended on social media all around the world had created lots of pressure on the Supreme Court in India which later decided to bring the CBI on board in order to officially handover this case to them.

Since the time the CBI came on board to thoroughly study and examine the death of the late actor every other day new truths, shocking discoveries and hidden aspects of how the late actor’s life had been in these last 3 to 4 years of his career started coming in front of the entire world which literally shook them to the core as they could not believe that behind his gorgeous heart melting smile there was so much of pain and loneliness that resided in him and then many things started becoming clear where the biggest link to his death was the infamous drugs angle because of which the noose and nail of CBI got tightened on his ex-girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, her brother Showik, his friend Siddharth Pithani, house help Samuel Miranda and house manager Dipesh Sawant.

After the NCB came on board in the drugs angle related to his death, they probed all these people involved and after getting their confessions on record about them being involved in consuming banned drugs, their NCB team arrested them all where now Rhea has been released on bail but her passport has been taken away by the Byculla police and she has to give an official appearance at the same police station for time period of next ten days but other 18 people who had been arrested by the NCB are still in jail.

Next we saw how AIIMS also came into picture on the grounds of being the only acclaimed medical research agency who studied the late actor’s autopsy viscera reports and then gave their conclusive report to CBI which clearly stated that it was a suicide and not a murder and this further fuelled the speculative reports that started gaining more momentum and movement in the media because of which , now the official ANI handle on twitter has tweeted about the same in a very straight forward way where their tweet caption read, “Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) continues to investigate the death of #SushantSinghRajput. There are certain speculative reports in media that the CBI has reached a conclusion. It may be reiterated that these reports are speculative and erroneous: CBI”.

Source: ANI Twitter. ANI has made it clear that the investigation of Sushant’s death case is still on

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