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Tera Ghata Fame Gajendra Verma Talks About His New Song ‘Na Hona Tumse Door’

Lehren's exclusive with singer Gajendra Verma as he talks about his latest song 'Na Hona Tumse Door'. He also recalls the success of his viral songs 'Emptiness' and 'Tera Ghata'.

Gajendra Verma, who rose to fame with 2018’s most viral song ‘Tera Ghata’ is back with another soothing track titled ‘Na Hona Tumse Door’. The romantic track has already hit 2.4 million views on YouTube. The song features Gajendra Verma and Mannara Chopra and has been beautifully shot in the valley of Kashmir at -4 degrees.

The singer calls it a beautiful experience as he had never visited Kashmir before. He says that it was hard to shoot in such extreme weather but with the support of his dedicated team, the song has come out really well.

Gajendra Verma is one of the most successful independent singers in India. His first song ‘Emptiness’ came out in 2008 which created a rage amongst the Millenials. Gajendra says that he was in college when he recorded that song and somehow it got leaked with a fictional sob story. The singer says that he was dishearted to see his piece of work getting leaked without him getting any recognition or credits. However, he got his first break when he recorded the popular track ‘Mann Mera’ for Table No. 21.

“I was viral at a time when people didn’t even use the term ‘viral’,” he laughs off.

Gajendra always wanted to create independent music instead of going into Bollywood. He created a number of songs from 2013 to 2017, but due to the lack of platform, Gajendra’s voice didn’t reach a wide audience. He calls this period a rough patch in his career. However, things took a sharp turn for him when his 2018 release ‘Tera Ghata’ went viral. The song’s popularity helped Gajendra create a fan base for himself. He currently has 3.99 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His song ‘Tera Ghata’ has 448 million views on YouTube at the moment.

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When asked about his secret recipe for creating viral songs, he says that he focuses on providing something new to the audience. He also mentions that it takes him 4-5 months to create a new song while involves audio and video pre-production, shooting, and post-production.

When asked about the one thing that Indian music industry lacks, Gajendra Verma says, “One thing that lacks is trying new things. New ideas are what we artists are supposed to bring in the society. That is our job in a nutshell. The newness in terms of creativity is lacking a lot. I want to encourage artists to do the same. Even if it works or it doesn’t, one should not stop trying. Many of my songs didn’t work initially. But now they have picked up after so many years. So, the artists shouldn’t be fearful about whether it will work or not.”

Towards the end of the interview, Gajendra says that he wishes to be a global artist. He also mentions that he wishes to collaborate with Bruno Mars and Coldplay.

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