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Tanushree Dutta Reveals How She Lost 15 Kgs During Lockdown

In a recent interview, Tanushree Dutta revealed how and why she lost 15 kgs in the last few months.

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has lost 15 kgs in the last few months. Tanushree moved to the US after her short career in Bollywood. However, she now plans to make a comeback in Bollywood and has therefore lost a few kilos to get into the right shape.

Tanushree Dutta Shares Her Weight Loss Journey:

When asked about how she managed to lose weight during the lockdown, she revealed that she switched to a no-carb diet and started eating fruits and salads. She also did some weight training and two hours of brisk walking every day.

Tanushree said she would get hurt when people would give her ‘underhanded compliments’. She also added that the aim of finding more work in Bollywood and looking good on camera were a few motivating factors.

Tanushree Dutta opens about being body-shamed:

The actress said in an interview, “I think, in the last couple of years, when I was maintaining a bigger body frame, I think a lot of people took that as an excuse to body-shame me. Sometimes people can be really sneaky, you rarely come across people who outright call you fat. They said in sneaky ways and that hurts you nevertheless. They will say something that is completely unnecessary. Don’t I know it?”

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“People would be like ‘oh you have put on a bit of weight, you are bigger than before.’ Basically underhanded comments. I got a lot of underhanded comments and underhanded compliments, which you can tell the intention of the person the way they are talking to you. You can tell that they don’t have their best interests in me. They say it to put you down and make you feel bad. I did go through that emotional roller coaster,” she added.

She also took to her Instagram and wrote, “There is no magic, no miracle, no secret so to say just a realization that I wanted the change so bad that I was willing to give up on a few things that were not serving me anymore. Certain attitudes, certain food habits and certain thought and habit patterns had lived out their expiry. Last but not the least someone up there surely loves me enough to keep giving me second chances in life to correct all the wrongs that I have endured! So this is His grace and His love manifest as my transformed body and soul. Still more to go…work in progress folks! Need ur support, love and prayers too.”

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