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Tanujaa: Grateful To Tabu, She Took Risk Of Going With Solo Manager

Ace and renowned Bollywood industry talent manager Tanujaa V Mehra in her latest interview says that grateful to Tabu, she took risk of going with solo manager.

In her recent interview, well known and renowned Bollywood talent manager Tanujaa says grateful to Tabu, she took risk of going with solo manager.

Tanujaa V Mehra is well known for managing stars like TabuHimansh KohliTusshar Kapoor and many more. In her latest conversational interview, Tanujaa says grateful to Tabu, she took risk of going with solo manager.

Tanujaa V Mehra is a renowned talent manager by profession who went solo in 2018 and spilling more details on it, in her recent interview, Tanujaa says grateful to Tabu, she took risk of going with solo manager.

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Tanujaa V Mehra, a talent manager by profession, started her career in the industry over two decades ago but went solo in 2018.

She credits Bollywood actress Tabu for making this dream of her possible and on the same, She said, “I started with Tabu whom I am immensely grateful for as she trusted me and took the risk of going with a solo manager when the many agencies were wooing her almost daily”.

She also told, “And then from there on I only added to my portfolio. She recommended me to Tusshar Kapoor and TK referred me to Himansh Kohli and that’s how the chain grew”.

Born and brought up in a suburb of Thane, Tanujaa pursued her post-graduation in Mass Communication and PR from the Xavier Institute of Communications. It was when she offered to help her good friend Achint Kaur at a fashion show when she met the then HR of Zee Network who later hired her as the PR for Zee Music. She has worked with organisations like Zee network to Tips Industries to Carving Dreams (now Exceed Entertainment) and Times of India’s talent division of OMS before she went solo in 2018.

Tanujaa is passionate about her work and shared that she loves connecting with new people on a day-to-day basis and on this, she added, “The trust that the artists put in me, is a high as it validates that I am on the right track and the role of being a representative of the celebrities that the country and in some cases the global audience adores, gives a powerful and surreal feeling”.

Sharing her experience of working with B’Town celebs like Tabu, Tusshar, and Himansh, she said, “Personal equations vary basis the artiste’s personality and while all three of them are Scorpios they are unique in the way they choose their projects and have a standing in the industry”.

She added this bit, “I love working with them because they trust me completely and we have clarity in all communications. I know by now what and how to discuss projects, events et al with each one of them. While Tabu is more independent than the others in terms of her management work, Tusshar entrusts me to suss and handle communications of all projects and events that come his way while Himansh is the baby of the three. With him, quintessentially my protective maternal instincts take over”.

Asked how she chooses a particular project for her artists, she said, “Each artist is different and so is the choice they make. However, each one looks at the content over other things and if the subject at large or the character sketch gives them anything different to experiment with, we go to the further discussions which include narration, directors grip on the story, and the production house as well as the studios involved to release the project”.

“The remuneration is the last part discussed because my artiste values their art and know that money is a by-product and shall follow. If the content convinces them and they can visualise themselves as that character sketch, they agree to green-light the project,” Tanujaa signed off.

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