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Taimur Ali Khan Injured; Piggybacks On Daddy Saif Ali Khan’s Shoulder

Taimur Ali Khan injured his leg, was spotted this morning with a band-aid around his leg. On dad Saif Ali Khan he piggybacked and appeared to be surprised when he saw the paps around.

It seems that Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan‘s son Taimur Ali Khan hurt his knee while playing. This morning, the little kiddo, one of the major internet sensations was captured piggybacking on Daddy Saif. While that’s always been his normal trip, this time around, the bandaid on his leg caught our concern.

The paparazzi had spotted the father-son couple outside their Bandra house. Taimur seemed rather shocked to see the paps. Usually, the little Timtim greets the paps with a wave or a smile, happily and enthusiastically. Perhaps, that’s exactly why Saif discussed in a recent interview how Taimur began hating the cameras. “No pictures please,” Saif stated, is what he began to say these days. Also, a paparazzo had spilled the beans to a daily saying how Tim is no longer excited about pictures clicking on.

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Even Taimur is getting naughty by the day. At least, this is what we can tell from the recent revelations about their 3-year-old son of Saif and Kareena. In an interview with East India Comedy the other day, Saif described how Taimur had turned rather a bully at home. “Someone said no to Taimur and he said ‘I don’t like you, will kick you & headbang you,’ and I was like I don’t know where he is getting it from”, said Saif.

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