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Tahira Kashyap Shares Workout Video and Urges Fans To Put Aside All The Excuses

Tahira Kashyap has shared her workout video and has urged her fans to put aside all the excuses and start working out.

Filmmaker-writer, Tahira Kashyap has taken up the fitness mantra very seriously. The cancer survivor has shared a video of her workout routine alongside a powerful caption. The video is shared in a black and white filter and we can see Tahira sweating it out in the video.

Tahira is wearing shorts and a t-shirt for her workout session at home. In the video, she is jumping, squatting, and running to urge her fans and followers to get going.

The caption of the video reads, “Not going to let multiple alibis come in the way to regain my fitness. From side effects of medicine to surgeries to hypothyroidism to not being 18 anymore to gym being closed due to coronavirus. I used all these excuses and many more for not moving my bum but not anymore! #fitness #itsnevertoolate.”

Bollywood’s fitness geek diva, Shilpa Shetty has also commented on the video to encourage Tahir to keep going with her fitness routine. 

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