Tahira Kashyap recalls the time when she used to cry at nights while Ayushmann was shooting

Tahira Kashyap revealed that she used to cry at nights when Ayushmann was shooting during her Cancer days.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap has seen all the tough times in life. The pretty lady successfully battled cancer and is hale and hearty now. In an interview recently she revealed that “I never treated my body, mind and soul as one entity. I always thought physical health was important, and mental toh kuch hota hi nahin hai. So, I exercised a lot. But I think [the cancer] was a manifestation of the negativity that I had been harbouring,”  

She said. “Had I gone to a doctor, I would have been declared clinically depressed. But I chose to cry every night instead of visiting one. I was living a dual life. My husband was shooting; I would spend hours at night crying, and put up the front of a happy person in the morning so that I didn’t look like a loser before my children, who were aged two and four then.” 

“It was only after I practised Buddhist chanting, and focused on my mental health that things changed. In a way, I’m glad that [I was diagnosed with cancer] at a time when I was strong enough to deal with it,” she added further.  

Kudos to you Tahira!