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Swara’s Honest Reaction On Love Jihad Debate Is Savage

Best known for her unconventional bold film and webseries choices and is also ruling the hearts of fans and audiences, Swara's honest reaction on Love Jihad debate is savage.

Nowadays, these are really unpredictable times with world being plagued by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and also this fact is a cause of concern that social media are becoming very trickier and dangerous each day with toxicity and almost everyone being involved in trolling, slamming and mocking or war of words between two actors and so on. Recently, whilst a leading news channel’s panel discussion on Love Jihad and cross communal marriages has stirred a lot of rage, ire and protests from liberals, on the same, Bollywood actress Swara’s honest reaction on Love Jihad debate is savage.

She’s known for being fearlessly bold with voicing out her opinions and views about many things which makes her a feminist and is ruling the hearts of her fans and audiences with her path breaking performances in films like Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo (2015), Nil Battey Sannata (2017), Raanjhanaa (2013), Veere Di Wedding (2018) and so on. So frankly speaking, it’s not surprising enough but rather a gutsy proud thing that finally someone is standing up for what they feel is need of the hour where everyone from the B Town film fraternity along with audiences and fans also felt that Swara’s honest reaction on Love Jihad debate is savage.

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Off late, the rising rebellion and voices against the entire “Love Jihad” phenomenon especially in lieu and pertaining to the controversial fact that should cross communal marriages be legalized or banned completely on a nationally well renowned Indian news channel where the panelists were seen discussing this has provoked the ire and wrath of many liberalists.

Reacting to these protests, a very popular food delivery app has agreed that they are indeed going to personally look into its advertorial stakes in that said news channel with immediate effect that too as soon as possible.

But on this, now another new angle has come into the picture where ace Bollywood film actress and social activist Swara’s honest reaction on Love Jihad debate is savage, where she is not entirely convinced by the food app’s liberal leniency and during her recent interview with a leading Indian digital entertainment portal, when asked about this, she said, “I think that was just a standard response. We live in times when hate and lies have been normalised”.

Furthermore, Swara also placed serious allegations and directly accused the mainstream news channels of continuously fuelling and increasing hatred. Throwing more emphasis on the same, she said, “The mainstream news media today has become the most unreliable and irresponsible source of rabble rousing. When they are called out and their hate and bullying is held accountable they respond with trolling and more hate. But this is the pushback to hate from normal rational citizens. We must hold the media and the government accountable as citizens and as taxpayers”.

On the work front Swara is going to be next seen in a series, “Bhaag Beanie Bhaag” which will be airing with its digital premiere on 4th December 2020 on Netflix and also her upcoming film projects include the much anticipated Veere Di Wedding 2, shooting of which will start after Kareena’s delivery sometime in 2021.

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