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Sutapa Sikdar Reveals Irrfan Khan’s Reaction To Son Babil’s Birth

Sutapa Sikdar reveals late actor Irrfan Khan's reaction to Babil's birth in her latest Instagram post.

On Babil’s 24th birthday, actress and writer Sutapa Sikdar took to her Instagram and penned an emotional note. She revealed the reaction of her late husband and actor Irrfan Khan after welcoming their son to the world. The writer shared pictures starting from her pregnancy days to Babil resting in a cradle. The adorable photos are going viral on social media. 

Walking down the memory lane Sutapa wrote, “Let me confess on your 24th birthday Babil the dichotomy of thunderstorms and azaan during your birth, which I later understood was just like your temperament, has made parenting very challenging (to put it mildly) but the beauty is when you wish to pour from the sky like raindrops that wash us off our ill wills. The fragrance after, that saundhi mitti ki khusbu you bring to our life is irreplaceable !! Thank you! You are stubbornly decisive, my resistance to your career choices blew away like a dry leaf in a thunderstorm. But in this phase of our relationship, I have completely accepted you. Sometimes with a broken heart and colossal embarrassment when you dance to “chaldi kuri …” you have made me unprejudiced. I thank god because the intensity with which you sing Chaldi kuri matches immaculately with the intensity with which you (attempt) to sing Nusrat Sahab’s songs, the sensitivity within you is unaffected by judgment. 

You are this and you are that but to top it all you are my firstborn.

The smile on Irrfan’s face when he first saw you couldn’t be recreated in a performance by Irrfan himself.

It’s etched on my mind.. the curtains of the hospital room were dancing as if the nurses had descended as angels, celebrating with him at the peak of Mount Everest, but his celebration was still the expression; the laughter, the joy, the tears cascaded out of him without the need for movement, as everything around him flowed. At that moment, Irrfan was a perfect picture of Lord Shiva. 

You the little devil just kept doing what you wanted all through your youngish days ..welcome to this world today and forever, your best quality is you are so full of heart that sometimes I have to catch it and put it back.

Today you are  up for his shoot at 4 am without batting an eyelid

You are special you are magical.. whether it works in this society or for me  is a big question though but with the most difficult parenting I am sooooo happy to have you as my son..no you  don’t light up my life every day we fight we argue  you are not attentive towards me  all the time but when you are,  the stars descend upon our living room, rainbows float in my corridor.”

On the work front, Babil Khan is busy shooting his movie debut with ‘Qala’. 

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