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Sussanne’s Sister Farah Khan Ali Announces Separation From DJ Aqeel

Sanjay Khan’s daughter who is renowned jewellery designer and is also Sussanne’s sister, Farah Khan Ali announces separation from DJ Aqeel.

Renowned fashion designer Sussanne’s sister Farah Khan Ali announces separation from DJ Aqeel.

Making it official now, its true that Sussanne’s sister Farah Khan Ali announces separation from DJ Aqeel.

Taking to her official instagram handle, Sussanne’s sister Farah Khan Ali announces separation from DJ Aqeel.

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Farah Khan Ali and DJ Aqeel took to official social media handles for officially announcing their separation from each other saying that its been approximately 9 years that their relationship status with each other has changed to just friends.

Veteran Bollywood star Sanjay Khan’s daughter and Sussanne’s sister Farah Khan Ali recently took to her social media handle for separation from husband DJ Aqeel and she went on to post a selfie with DJ Aqeel, and also wrote down a long and heart felt note announcing that they both are ‘happily separated’.

Not only this, DJ Aqeel also mentioned a similar post on his instagram handle and in his post he clearly stated that its been 9 years that both of them totally ended up changing from being a couple to being just friends.

Taking to her official insta account, Farah wrote a long note wherein first part mentioned, “Sometimes two people grow apart. Sometimes they outgrow each other. It has been 9 years since my relationship with my husband Aqeel changed its status as a couple to just friends and to term it simply would be to state that we are ‘Happily Separated’. We will always be best friends to each other and parents to our wonderful children Azaan and Fizaa who love us both equally yet accept that we cannot be a couple any longer”.

She also confessed of this being a mutual decision that they both took together without getting any third person’s interference or involvement in it.

She also adding about no hard feelings, grudges and animosity being there between both of them said that they would always be there for each other and explaining this entire point she wrote, “Aqeel is and will always be my family as I will be his. We hope that all our well wishers will accept our decision maturely and not judge us for it. It’s important to be happy and we all, Aqeel and I including our children and families most definitely are. That’s all that matters. Grateful and happy for everything in my life”.

Source: Farah Khan Ali Instagram. she posted this pic and announced their separation citing that from past 9 years they became from being a couple to just friends and Aqeel will always be family.

The popular B town ex couple Farah Khan Ali and DJ Aqeel had tied knot with each other back in 1999 and welcomed their first son Azaan in 2002 and then daughter Fizaa in 2005.

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