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Sussanne Clarifies Of Not Being Arrested By Mumbai Police

After the news of Sussanne also being arrested by police made the rounds, now she came forward and gave a humble clarification on the same also citing media speculations as incorrect and irresponsible.

The controversies in Bollywood film industry are unstoppable and never ending as recently there was a news floating around everywhere which stated that Sussanne, Guru Randhawa and Suresh Raina have been arrested along with 34 others for violating the COVID 19 curfew guidelines by partying in the club till wee hours of morning and now in this whole fiasco, finally coming forward, Sussanne clarifies of not being arrested by Mumbai police.

Having been booked by the Mumbai police for partying in the club and also violating the COVID 19 re enforced rules of curfew at a Mumbai  night club, she has broken her silence on it where Sussanne clarifies of not being arrested by Mumbai police.

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Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan who have two kids together named Hrehaan and Ridhaan, has issued her honest and humble explanation where Sussanne clarifies of not being arrested by Mumbai police and also made an Instagram post about the same.

Hrithik’s ex-wife and fashion designer Sussanne made it to the headlines on Tuesday morning where she has been reportedly booked by the Mumbai police for breaking the COVID 19 norms in a Mumbai night club where also people were being arrested by Mumbai police during the raids. Besides Suzanne, even singer Guru Randhawa and cricketer Suresh Raina had been booked with 34 others present in the club. A few hours back Guru and Suresh had given their honest clarifications on the same and now Suzanne has given her humble clarification by giving her side of the story.

Sussanne shared pictures of two handwritten notes on her Instagram post wherein the first one’s title read, “My Humble Clarification”. As it was getting telecasted and reported everywhere that Sussanne Khan has been arrested by the officials, she elucidated that no such so called arrests had been made.

She also opened up about the fact that everyone had been specifically told and also asked to wait till 6 AM at the hotel.

Her clarification read, “Last night I was at a close friend’s birthday dinner & a few of us extended to the Dragon Fly club at JW Marriot, Sahar. At 2.30 am the authorities entered the club. Whilst the club management and the authorities were sorting things out, all the guests present were asked to wait for a period of three hours. We were finally allowed to leave at 6 am. Therefore, the speculation by parts of the media that there were arrests made are completely incorrect and also irresponsible”.

Her statement on the same furthermore also read, “I fail to understand why we were made to wait or what the issue was with the authorities and the club. I am setting the record straight with this statement. I have utmost regard & respect for the Mumbai Police and for all their selfless efforts in keeping us Mumbaikars safe. Without their constant vigilance for public welfare, we would not feel safe. Best regards, Sussane”.

Source: Sussanne Khan instagram. she gave her humble clarification on the entire episode through this post.

In her statement, the designer also clearing the air and confusion mentioned that the guests that were present at the nightclub had been told specifically to wait for three hours and were allowed to leave later on. She also said that she did not get it and understand as to why all the guests at the club had been said probed to wait or what problems the authorities had with the club.

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