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Sushmita Sen’s Father Says He Wasn’t Aware Of Her Relationship With Lalit Modi

Sushmita Sen's father Shubeer Sen opens up about her relationship with Lalit Modi, and says, "I don’t know what should I say when I don’t know about it."

Bollywood’s new couple Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen are the talk of the town. Thursday evening saw a storm on social media when people found out that Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is now dating IPL founder Lalit Modi. Reacting to the news Sushmita’s father and retired Indian Air Force officer Shubeer Sen on Friday said that he has absolutely no knowledge regarding this development.

Sushmita Sen’s Father Says ‘He Haven’t Heard Anything About Lalit Modi’

Reacting to the news Sushmita Sen’s father Shubeer Sen opened up about the matter in an interview revealing that he has absolutely no knowledge regarding this development. “I don’t know anything about this. I spoke with my daughter in the morning but she didn’t say anything. I saw the tweet for the first time when you mentioned it to me. I don’t know what should I say when I don’t know about it.”, he said.

On being questioned whether he was aware of any kind of growing relationship between his daughter and Lalit Modi, Shubeer Sen said that she came home to attend a family function almost 18 months back, and even then, she did not inform anyone in the family on this count.

On being asked if he was aware of Lalit and Sushmita’s relationship, he said, “Definitely, I will get to know about it later. All I am saying is I don’t know about it till now. We generally talk about kids, health, and if she is eating properly…We talked like how we always do. I haven’t heard anything about him (Lalit Modi). I would have told you if anything; There’s nothing to hide.”

He further added that Sushmita who is currently in London is spending time with her friends. However, the actress has never mentioned Lalit to her family before. He further mentioned that he will only be able to comment about accepting Lalit Modi as his son-in-law in the future once he is sure about them.

Meanwhile, recently the actress also reacted to the speculations about her marriage as she shared a picture with her daughters and wrote, “I am in a happy place!!!NOT MARRIED…NO RINGS…Unconditionally surrounded by love!! Enough clarification given…now back to life & work!! Thank you for sharing in my happiness always…and for those who don’t…it’s #NOYB Anyway!!! I love you guys!!!”.

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