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Sushmita Sen Reacts To Rajeev Sen-Charu Asopa’s Decision On Calling Off Their Divorce

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen shares her reaction after Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa announced calling off their divorce, Here's what she said-

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa have often been in the news after they both announced about their divorce. However, on Thursday, sharing a long note on her Instagram the television actress Charu Asopa announced about calling off her divorce from Rajeev. Reacting to the good news Rajeev’s sister and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen also shared her reaction, here’s what she said-

Sushmita Sen Reacts To Rajeev Sen And Charu Asopa “Calling Off” Their Divorce

The estranged couple Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have long been in the news for their divorce. However, there’s happy news for their fans as the couple have decided to quit their divorce decision for “good” and will now be focusing on building their future with their daughter Ziana.

On Thursday, the television actress Charu Asopa shared a picture of herself with her daughter Ziana and husband Rajeev Sen. Sharing the picture the actress wrote, “Marriages are made in heaven but it is left to us to make it work. Yes, we went ahead and announced that we are ending our marriage and we realized that we had reached the dead end and nothing beyond. Divorce was an option we were considering and we won’t deny that..Happy to announce that we have decided to keep our Marriage for good, We both are blessed with a beautiful daughter Ziana & we wish to give her the very best as parents. Her upbringing & happiness is our number one priority.. We want to thank all our fans for always supporting us as a couple & never giving up on us .. Thank you everyone for blessing Ziana with so much love. Charu & Rajeev”.

Many fans were seen congratulating the couple. Apart from the fans, Rajeev’s sister and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen also dropped her reaction in the comments section and wrote, “I am soooooo happy for all 3 of you!! Dugga Dugga Shona!!!”. Meanwhile, its almost known to all that how much the actress is close to her brother and his daughter Ziana. Television actress Charu Asopa once said, that Sushmita Sen is like a friend to her, and they have deep conversations.

Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen Divorce Reports

Earlier this month, Charu Asopa announced about divorcing her husband Rajeev she claimed that Rajeev has always been running away from their problems, on the other hand, Rajeev blamed Charu for not revealing her first marriage.

Recently Rajeev opened up about his relationship with Charu Asopa and rumors that his sister unfollowed him on Instagram due to his ongoing issues with Charu. Reacting to the rumors he said, “The reality is that she never followed me on Instagram. Secondly, the only place she is following me is on Twitter, and that, too, for long. The media is also claiming that my sister is following my wife Charu and is thus, supporting her. All I can say is that my sister is smart enough to know where we stand and by now everyone has understood how simple my wife is, as she has mastered the art of playing the victim card.”

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