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Sushmita Sen Hits Back At People Calling Her ‘Gold-Digger’, Says, “I Dig Deeper Than Gold”

Sushmita Sen has a savage reply for people calling her 'gold-digger' as she begins dating Indian businessman Lalit Modi.

Sushmita Sen’s latest relationship has drawn flak from people on the Internet. The faceless, nameless trolls have called Sushmita Sen a ‘gold digger’ as she is now dating Indian businessman Lalit Modi, who is about ten years elder than her. However, it is more heartbreaking when educated people judge a woman for her choices. For starters, author and activist Taslima Nasrin wrote a social media post saying that she lost respect for Sushmita after she began dating Lalit Modi.

To such negativity, Sushmita has given a savage reply. She took to her Instagram post and wrote, “It’s heartbreaking to see just how miserable & unhappy the world around us is becoming….The so called intellectuals with their idiosyncrasies….the ignorant with their cheap & at times funny gossip. The friends I never had & the acquaintances I’ve never met….all sharing their grand opinions & deep knowledge of my life & character…monetising the ‘Gold Digger’ all the way!!! Ah these geniuses!!! I dig deeper than Gold…and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!! And yes I still buy them myself!!!”

Thanking her well-wishers, she wrote, “I love the all heart support my well wishers & loved ones continue to extend. Please know, your Sush is ABSOLUTELY fine.. cause I’ve never lived on the transient borrowed light of approval & applause. I am the Sun….perfectly Centred in my being & my conscience!! I love you guys!!!”

Celebs like Neha Dhupia and Suniel Shetty appreciated Sushmita Sen’s Instagram post.

A verified Insta user wrote, “You do you queen! The fact that people can’t accept women making their own decisions remains unfortunate!! Hope you have abundance of love and peace more, everyday!”

Another person wrote, “Honestly, people are just hating because suddenly you’re trying to find happiness, that doesn’t fit their box. It’s okay. Since when have you ever fit a box?”

Prior to Lalit Modi, Sushmita was dating model Rohman Shawl, who is 15 years younger than her.

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