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Sushmita Sen Answers If Beauty Contests Are Still Relevant

As people question the relevance of beauty pageants in 21st century, Sushmita Sen shares her opinion.

Chandigarh girl Harnaaz Sandhu recently made India proud by winning the Miss Universe title at the 70th Miss Universe pageant held in Israel. While people around the world appreciated her achievement for winning the title for India after 21 years, many people also questioned the relevance of beauty pageants in today’s time.

A fan asked the same question to Sushmita Sen in her latest Instagram Live. Sushmita Sen became the first Indian woman to win the Miss Universe crown in 1994. Replying to the fan’s question, Sushmita said, “Each to their own. If you go with relevance, there’s a lot that is not relevant in this world, but we do them. But if you are going to ask India’s first Miss Universe whether it’s relevant, I would say, ‘Absolutely’. It gave an 18-year-old a platform to see the world, to be educated in a finishing school that money can’t buy, to have the love and appreciation from people around the world. People are still associated with me and it’s been 27 years. It gives you an opportunity to represent your country, to wear India on your chest. Doesn’t matter which platform gives you that but it’s a huge honour. That kind of victory and participation is life-defining. It gives me immense pride to say today that Miss Universe is Indian. Victory is beautiful and any platform that gives you that, I would say that’s relevant.”

“I do want to add, that expecting them to harbour world peace and change the world and all, now that’s irrelevant. That definitely isn’t something that you should expect from such a young person to carry on her shoulders. She is experiencing life and she is learning. Let her enjoy that experience and not take it all too seriously,” she further said.

Sushmita was recently seen in the crime thriller web series Aarya Season 2 that streams on Disney+Hotstar.

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