Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Sushant Singh Rajput’s Father Breaks Silence


    Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has broken his silence days after the actor’s death. He addressed the questions about his wedding plans, his break-up with Ankita Lokhande and his career. Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, Sushant’s father KK Singh said that she came to Patna to visit him and also Mumbai after Sushant’s demise. Talking about their break-up, KK Singh said, “Yeh toh sanjog hai, jo hona hota hai hota hai.” There were also rumors that Sushant was planning his wedding in the coming months. Speaking of the same, his father said, “We had spoken about it earlier. He had told me that no in Corona but after film releases, he will plan about it in around February-March. This was the last conversation we had about his marriage.” He was then asked that if Sushant became a victim of Nepotism and pressure of the Bollywood industry, “Ho sakta hai…. Filmy duniya mein ho sakta hai. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Hota hi hai, agar kisi ko dikhta hai bohot aage badhta hai, to kuch kar do. Hota hi hoga.”

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