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Sushant Singh Rajput Three Days Before His Demise Cleared All Dues Of His House Staff

Sushant Singh Rajput paid off all his staff's payments three days before his demise. Read more below.

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left us all shaken. We began re-evaluating our and other people’s feelings. Many who were ever ignoring their friends have now started calling their friends with suffering from anxiety to keep a check on them. Additionally, death inquiry by police is on. According to the news portal, Sushant had cleared all his staff member’s dues and also revealed that going further, he might no longer be able to provide for them.

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Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police had recovered 5 diaries from the residence of Sushant. The detectives are going through the diary ‘s contents to find out more about his life.

Statements of 10 individuals, including Sushant ‘s sisters, cooks, and friends have been recorded so far. Sushant ‘s sisters pointed out the financial angle as the reason for the depression.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, also an actor, recorded her statement with Mumbai police today, for the investigation of his death.

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Famous casting director and close friend of Sushant – Mukesh Chhabra was summoned by police yesterday to record his statement regarding suicide.

Chhabra told police in his statement that Sushant was a very introvert, and that he never shared anything with anyone. Chhabra further told police that he is unaware of any professional rivalry that Sushant faced, or big production houses that denied to work with him.

 “He was a very intelligent actor who didn’t like talking over phone. Most of the times when we called him he used to disconnect the calls. He loved playing games on playstation and loved reading books, especially on quantum of physics,” Chhabra qouted in his statement. 

On his birthday May 27, Chhabra spoke to Sushant and the actor had sounded normal,’ Chhabra said.

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