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Sunny Leone Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Kids And Parenting

Sunny Leone revealed about her kid's choice and parenting three kids along with her husband Daniel Weber.

Sunny Leone has been marvelous in movies, anchoring on TV, dancing and doing music videos. Apart from her work she has also managed her three kids along with her husband Daniel Weber. In an interview with a popular news portal Sunny has now revealed many things about her kids and parents. 

Explaining about bringing up children, Sunny said, “I don’t think it takes a lot of money to show your kids that you love them. Or to provide them education. People think you need XYZ things to display your love to your kid, but that’s not true. You just have to be there for them. A child who is willing to learn and understands the value of education will learn anywhere. Similarly, it doesn’t take too much money to raise them well with sound values. Values are free, actually. Yes, kids need their shoes, clothes and other things, but even those don’t cost much. So as far as work goes, as a person and as a mother, I need to make choices that are good for me.”

She further added, “There are going to be a lot of things my children may not like about me when they grow up, and we all know what that is. With proper communication, they will know why and will be able to answer questions that may arise outside our home. I made my choices and they should know that they can make their choices, too, as long as they don’t hurt others in any way. Like one of my sons wants to be a firefighter. I was recently telling my girl Nisha that she can travel the world following her interests in ballet and playing the piano. She’s learning those two things. Nisha is petite and pretty, and good at both. As a parent, I just feel it’s fascinating how much you can do with your kids and how well you can raise them by just being with them and being by their side in whatever they choose to do.”

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