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How Side-Character Sandeep Bhaiya From TVF Aspirants Overpowered The Lead Characters?

Sandeep Bhaiya in TVF Aspirants is the most loved character amongst the audience. So, how did this side character with limited screen presence took away all the limelight? Let's decode it.

There are characters that we enjoy watching in a film or series, and then there are characters that stay with us forever. One such fiction character is Sandeep Bhaiya from recently released web-series TVF Aspirants.

TVF Aspirants is a mini-web series that was released on TVF YouTube channel earlier this month. It stars Abilash Thapliyal, Naveen Kasturia and Shivankit Singh Parihar in lead roles. It showcases the story of three friends- Abhilash, Guri and SK who prepare for UPSC exam and how their lives turn out after a few years. Even though all these characters had a strong essence and screen presence, it was side character Sandeep Bhaiya who took away all the limelight and the love of the audience.

How did this happen?

The character of Sandeep Bhaiya is played by actor Sunny Hinduja. Sunny has very few scenes in the show. However, he has managed to be everyone’s favourite. The reason being, people could easily relate to the character.

In the initial scenes, Sandeep’s character was portrayed as calm, bright and focused. He acted as the guiding force in lead character Abhilash’s life.

But as the show progressed, Sandeep’s character unfolded. His back story, his emotional turmoil and distress came into light. In a beautiful manner, it showed how every person is going through something in their life.

Sandeep hails from a financially distressed background. When he said, “Mere ghar ke aarthik sthithi theek na hai” (The financial condition at home is not good), it brought tears to people’s eyes. In real life, many youngsters aspire to become an IAS so that they could break the chain and bring their family out of financial distress.

Even though Sandeep was bright and hardworking, he couldn’t crack UPSC and he finally gave up. This scene in the forth episode broke the hearts of the audience, knowing that he would have to go back to his family empty-handed. Sacrificing four years for a dream and achieving nothing can shatter a person into pieces. Lakhs of aspirants go through this pain every year.

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How did TVF made this character so strong?

The makers paid close details in the making of this character. Sandeep’s character is warm. This warmth comes from the inside and outside. Sandeep is seen wearing a sleeveless sweater with a full sleeve shirt and pants throughout the show. This made him look like a slight elder guy than the rest of the characters. Though being an aspirant himself, he acted as a mentor for others. He is experienced. He has seen the various shades of life more than aspirants around him.

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He touches the middle class life and its values. He takes care of his parents while he is busy achieving his dream, he wants to make them proud and he knows where to draw the line.

TVF doesn’t believe in creating larger-than-life characters. Sandeep is just a next-door guy who maintains his composure even if his heart is fighting a thousand emotions. We all have such Sandeeps around us. We just don’t get to know them because they choose to fight their battles alone.

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