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Sunil Grover’s Interview After The Success Of Sunflower Web Series

Watch Sunil Grover's interview after the success of his latest web series 'Sunflower' which is currently streaming on Zee5.

Did you expect that Sunflower web series would become such a hit and gain appreciation from the audience and the critics?

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who showered their love on Sunflower and wrote good things about it. It feels good to be a part of such a project that is appreciated by people. Even while shooting we enjoyed a lot.

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Critics have also appreciated it. They found it content-driven and appreciated everyone’s performance. What do you have to say about it?

I want to thank them because they don’t like things easily. But I feel great that they liked Sunflower. There is a different narrative in the show which makes the show a good watch.

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How do you choose your scripts? From Tandav to Sunflower, you choose very different characters. Are you exploring as an actor?

It depends on the makers how they see you in a role. The credit goes to Ali Abaas Zafar who imagined me in a serious role (in Tandav) apart from what I do generally (comedy). I was nervous that I might be killing someone and people would laugh. But thankfully, it didn’t happen.

In Sunflower, my character has a lot of innocence. So, it is very different from what I did in Tandav. I find myself lucky as an artist to be offered different kinds of roles. I enjoy the process of playing various characters.

Can we expect Sunflower Season 2?

I hope there is. I will share the information as soon as I will get it.

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