Monday, September 21, 2020

    Suniel Shetty To Mentor The WIN India Movement

    IITians mastermind a nationwide Wellness movement for India Indoors.


    Trust India’s brightest and best to trigger a nationwide movement for those stuck at home for the lockdown period. 

    Initiated by the IITs and supported by other ace Management institutes as well – the WIN India movement (Wellness Indoors NOW) aims to set goals and challenges on a daily, ongoing basis to not only exercise the mind but India’s physical fitness and nutritional needs as well. 

    To tackle any situation from within the home using brain and body power and tackling daily fitness exercises, quizzes and more are the primary objectives of the WIN India initiative – while simultaneously keeping us mentally fresh and reducing stress. It also aims to keep the mind and body happy and healthy. 

    This novel Indoor Wellness Campaign unites the youth and the country to stay fit and fabulous  

    The IIT wellness movement is being mentored by none other than Suniel Shetty, who is delighted to associate with a power initiative from India’s finest. 

    Like he said “I am super excited to be part of an unbelievable movement initiated by the IITs across the country. A movement to stay fit & stay positive through these testing times!”

    Breasha Gupta – the institute Sports Secretary, IIT Madras echoed the sentiment. “Health is a habit, and at this juncture inculcating this habit into the current generation, the millennials, is of utmost importance; which is the primary aim of the WIN India Initiative started by 22 IITs under the guidance of Mr.Suniel Shetty. Being a pioneer of the Fit India mission, along with his zeal for fitness that has inspired many young students out there, we could not have got a better mentor on-board.”

    And given IITians track record – we should soon see a super healthy nation leading the way.

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