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Suniel Shetty And Paresh Rawal Mark 21 Years Of Hera Pheri

Today is really special day since its been 21 years of iconic cult comedy film Hera Pheri, and making it really heartwarming, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal mark 21 years of Hera Pheri on social media.

This film has indeed been an integral part of our childhood years whilst growing up and even now is a cult and best comedy movie that holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and so to make this moment more special, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal mark 21 years of Hera Pheri.

This is a guarantee that there is barely anyone who has not watched the comedy and laughter riot film Hera Pheri which is today labelled as one of the cult and classic all-time favorite bollywood film of every age group right from children to youth and adults and so today on this important day, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal mark 21 years of Hera Pheri.

This situational comedy film starring Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal in characters of Raju, Baburao and Shyam is loved by fans, audiences along with netizens as well and today marks 21 years of this film’s original release date in theatres since 21 years back this movie was released theatrically which broke all the box office records as well and making this day more memorable, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal mark 21 years of Hera Pheri.

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Taking to his social media account, Suniel Shetty was seen recalling all fond and amazing memories associated with this film which also made us all fall in love with the iconic characters played by the dynamic trio Shyam, Raju and Baburao. In his tweet on his official twitter handle, he also mentioned about how he feels about these 21 years which just passed away in a jiffy and also shared about missing the late actor Om Puri who was also an integral part of the movie.

His heartwarming tweet on twitter read, “No wonder we underestimate how quickly time flies. It seems I blinked, and 21 years went by. What a film we made @priyadarshandir @akshaykumar @SirPareshRawal @GulshanGroverGG #Tabu. Missing #OmPuri ji very dearly today…”.

Source: Suniel Shetty Twitter. he marked 21 years of Hera Pheri with this heartwarming post.

In a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, the iconic bollywood star and senior actor Paresh Rawal sharing his feelings about same told that he really did not expect the movie would be such a huge hit and also mentioned about how people often go to him and say about how much the film helps them to brighten up their moods whenever they are feeling low.

Explaining same, he said, “It is still very fresh in our minds; we had not anticipated that it will be such a big hit. We just thought that it would be a nice and unique story. The dialogues were funny and it was entertaining. We never imagined that it would be loved and remembered in such a big way”.

He also added this bit, “People come and tell me that they watch the film whenever they are feeling sad; we didn’t know that the film would work this way”.

When questioned about the fact that is the much awaited third installment in Hera Pheri franchise in making or not, on this Paresh Rawal told that even he is eagerly waiting for it. Hera Pheri helmed by Priyadarshan released on March 31, 2000, followed by its sequel Phir Hera Pheri on 9th June 2006.

Also, after Suniel Shetty, even Khiladi of Bollywood industry Akshay Kumar taking to his twitter account responding on Suniel’s tweet wrote a really humorous and yet sweetest tweet that read, “Agreed! Even we didn’t know back then what a film we were making, each scene better than the other. Specially love this one : dhoti. Genius of Priyan sir and epic dialogues by late Neeraj Vora”.

Source: Akshay Kumar Twitter. he wrote this sweet and humorous tweet marking 21 years of Hera Pheri.

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