Story Behind Famous Dialogue “Prem Naam Hai Mera…Prem Chopra”

In an exclusive interview with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, veteran actor Prem Chopra talked about is relationship with the Kapoor Khandaan and also narrated the story behind his famous dialogue "Prem Naam Hai Mera...Prem Chopra".

87-year-old Prem Chopra is still known for his dialogue from the 1973 film “Bobby”. “Prem Naam Hai Mera…Prem Chopra”- this one dialogue made Prem Chopra widely popular amongst audiences of all age groups. While this catchy one-liner garnered him a huge fanbase and eternal recognition, Prem Chopra was initially reluctant to do this film altogether.

During a heart-to-heart conversation with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, the veteran actor recalled the time when he was offered to do a small role and he wanted to refuse it. Prem said, “I was so reluctant to do that film because I was doing other films of parallel roles with Amitabh Bachchan etc. When Raj ji said that I want you to come and do a special appearance in my film, I was thrilled. I said, “Why not”. It’s a fabulous thing to work with Raj Kapoor. He used to drink every evening. So at that time, I asked him for a script. And he was always like, “I’ll tell you later”. So, when we went to Pune for the shooting, he told me about the scene. He then also told me that I have only one dialogue in the film. I thought it was funny. I went and met Prem Nath on set. I told him that Raj Ji has given me only one dialogue in the whole film. And he said a very wise thing. He said that this film is going to be a big hit and you’ll be the biggest hit.”

Speaking of the popularity of this dialogue, Prem said, “Now, wherever I go, either in America or England, people demand that I repeat my dialogue from Bobby.”

Prem recalled, “The picture was, of course, superb. People were only saying my name outside the theatre.”

Prem Chopra then also said that he has worked with different generations of the Kapoor family. He said, “I have relationships right from Prithviraj Kapoor to Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor. I was joking with Ranbir that when your son is born, I will be working with him.”

Remembering his “Bobby” co-star Rishi Kapoor, Prem said, “He was a very jolly person. We worked in many films together. The last film we did together was Rakesh Mehra’s “Delhi 6”.

“Bobby” was produced and directed by Raj Kapoor. It features Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in the leading roles.

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