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SRK Feels FOMO In Recent Ad Film For Disney Hotstar

The biggest male global bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan feels FOMO from Ajay Devgn, Shahid Kapoor, and others in recent ad film, teases fans saying Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

Few days back on Friday, the renowned bollywood producer Karan Johar dropped a video post on his official instagram handle which was of the global superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s latest ad film in which we all see how SRK feels FOMO in recent ad film for Disney Hotstar.

Taking to his official instagram handle on Friday, the dynamic bollywood filmmaker KJo finally posted the video in which even fans might feel surprised to see that their King khan SRK feels FOMO in recent ad film for Disney Hotstar.

The video featured Shah Rukh Khan talking about all his fellow actors including Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan who have all made their way to Disney Hotstar which is the reason why we all see SRK feels FOMO in recent ad film for Disney Hotstar.

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This ad film video for the renowned OTT streaming platform Disney + Hotstar reveals how even the globally crowned King of romance Shah Rukh Khan is also starting the FOMO.

In the video, we see how SRK stood on his balcony with actor Rajesh Jais by his side and waved at the huge throng of fans gathered outside his home. then we see SRK told Rajesh, Dekha itne saare fans aate hai kabhi kisi ke ghar ke bahar and on this Rajesh responded, Nahi sir ab tak toh nahi dekha. Par aage ka kuch keh nahi sakte. On this SRK asked him, Matlab, to this Rajesh responded, Baki sab stars ke Disney+ Hotstar pe shows aur movies aa rahe hai na.

The fans see how a curious Shah Rukh Khan quizzed Rajesh and asked him, Accha? Kaun baaki sab? Rajesh then named a few actors including Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan. An upset SRK asked again, Sab hai kya?. Rajesh told him, Matlab sab toh nahi hai. When SRK asked him, Kaun nahin hain, he replied, Sir aap.

Karan Johar gave an amazing caption to the video which read, “Never thought I’d see the day when even the Baadshah of Bollywood feels FOMO. Now I’ve seen everything!! @iamsrk”.

Source: Karan Johar Instagram. He posted this ad film video and gave it a witty caption which left all fans and actors also in awe.

Sharing the video, actor Ranveer Singh wrote, “Inka sans of humor toh alag hai bhaisahab!!! @iamsrk ko bhi fomo ho sakta hai #siwaysrk #ad”.

Source: Ranveer Singh Instagram. His comical and humorous caption for the ad film left all his fans and followers also with a smile.

SRK took to Twitter and wrote, “Hmmmm.. Picture toh abhi baaki hai.. mere doston”.

Source: Shah Rukh Khan Twitter. He gave the best caption to the video which left all his fans also amazed and teased them of maybe having plans of making his digital debut on Disney Hotstar soon.

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