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South Film Remakes That Were A Disaster In Bollywood This Year

Check out the most disastrous remakes of South blockbusters.

Remakes have been always a question in showbiz whether or not they will be taken well by the audience and a fair amount of justice to the originals. Lately, only a few movies remade have done a fair amount of work at the box office. South movies have lately done quite well at the box office and have made it to the Oscars also at times but their Hindi versions are better left forgotten.

Here, take a look at some of the South film remakes that were a complete disaster in Bollywood.


Bachchan Pandey is one of the most anticipated movies but could do extremely well at the box office. Even though it is said to be a spinoff from Tashan’s character Bachchan Pandey but it is said to be the remake of the South movie Jigarthanda. So it failed in Bollywood this year.


The namesake of South movie Jersey is similar to Shahid Kapoor’s latest release. The movie is said to be a failure as there was nothing new and people were still skeptical about going to theatres.


Rajkummar Rao’s The first case is the remake of the Telugu film of the same name. With minor changes, the Hindi remake failed to capture the soul of the original, which was one of the reasons it flopped at the box office.


Nikamma was one of the biggest disasters of 2022. The film was the remake of Nan and Sai Pallavi’s Middle-Class Abbayi, which became a huge hit in theaters. However, the Bollywood remake was a huge flop as it failed to capture the essence of the commercial adventure.


Janhvi Kapoor’s Mili is a survival thriller remake of the Malayalam film Helen. The film, which hit theaters in November, received only a moderate response and was not translated into collections.


Akshay Kumar starrer Cuttputtli is the remake of the Tamil movie Ratsasan which was a hit the Hindi version could not do that well on the OTT still appreciated by viewers,


The remake of the south movie talks about a serial killer who also happens to be a psychopath thinking that killing young girls will help his own family. Though the movie was released on OTT still it could not get hold of its audience.  

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