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Sonu Sood’s Major Contribution For Migrants In India

Sonu Sood is winning out hearts by proving his level best help to the migrant workers stuck in India due to Coronavirus pandemic. Here we have a timeline of his major contribution for the people amid lockdown. Continue reading below.

Sonu Sood took on the task of uniting Migrant Workers with their families and making them safely reach their homes despite the continuing Covid-19 crisis and nationwide Lockdown. And his unending efforts have won him respect and love from all over the world.

Sonu Sood might have a totally different image among the audience before this, but today, this reel life villain is winning our hearts by going out of his way to arrange buses for migrant workers as a real-life hero. Earlier in April, actor Sonu Sood offered his 24-room Juhu hotel for medical front liners in Mumbai. The 46-year-old actor has tried every possible way to help the people in difficulties, here we have how this got started to date status about his major contribution.

He also launched Shakti Annadanam, a drive for food distribution that feeds more than 45,000 people daily. The campaign was aimed at stranded migrant laborers in town and essential service workers in need of food and ration. Sonu launched a crowdfunding campaign with the restaurant owner Neeti Goel to sustain the initiative.

During Ramzan, Sonu delivered meal kits to over 25,000 migrant workers. He has also then arranged buses for migrant workers in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand to travel back to their homes.

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He has helped approximately 12,000 migrants reach home as part of his ‘Ghar Bhejo’ campaign, and arrangements have been made for a further 45,000. He answers questions about a voice note in the midst of what he calls a ‘crazily busy schedule’ which keeps him awake for almost 22 hours a day. Food and water are also delivered to at least 45,000 people per day.

Social media played an important role to make this possible and that’s why his team has set up a toll-free number (18001213711) and is also looking at requests that can be sent through social media.

Meanwhile, Sonu Sood did not only think about the migrants also the doors of his family-owned Hotel Shakti Sagar in Juhu, Mumbai, named after his father, were also opened to shelter nurses and doctors.

Sonu Sood As God For The Migrants

People are thanking Sonu Sood in their own way, after reaching their home safely. Sharing their videos and comments on social media, and thanking Sonu. A video has now surfaced in which a man thanks Sonu after meeting his mother. He given the status of God to Sonu Sood.

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No doubt he is loved by so many that one migrant worker named her son after the actor. Speaking of what he would most appreciate about his helping others, he added: “The best thing I heard from a migrant was that they have named their kid Sonu Sood Srivastav. It will stay with me forever. I will do everything to make my parents proud by walking the path they showed me.”

Parents Are The Inspiration

For the engineer-turned-actor, it was his parents who taught the consequence of life-lessons and principles to him and his sisters, Monika and Malvika.

“My mother always says that you are successful only when you are capable of helping somebody. So I feel whatever I could do I could do only with the blessings of my parents. That being said, I want to ask people to help the needy ones in any which way they can,” Sood said.

Sonu’s parents are no longer, his sister Malvika said that the countless journeys her brother made home from cities where he struggled to make a career and traveled to save money in general compartments may have helped him understand the suffering of migrants better then the others.

According to Malvika, Sonu was deeply attached to his parents and he is doing this to “make them proud”. His parents’ teachings of helping the underprivileged and the Punjabiyat ideals are deeply connected to his roots.

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Not For Publicity or Political Career

Sood believes it is important to take real action instead of simply expressing grief over the social media about the depressing situation of the underprivileged portion of the country.

At a time when people have been advised to stay at home and keep social distance with everyone, Sood is on the road risking his life while arranging bus travel for the needy, and it’s clear that publicity isn’t always the main motive.

However, Malvika clearly stated that Sonu had no plans to join any political party. “He met Maharashtra Governor because he was invited. He is not joining any political party,” she said.

 Talking about his contribution the actor said its a huge challenge and responsibility, “God is making it happen and we have been chosen as tools. There are miles to go and the journey will continue.”

Although Sonu will not reveal how much he has spent over the past couple of weeks, reports indicate that buses cost to hire from about ₹65,000 to ₹2 lakh for hire.   Sonu started recruiting them on his own expense and as the word spread, people came forward to do their bit for food, water, and other needs.

The actor calls it a team effort and also claims that the film fraternity has joined in to help. He mentions how Director Farah Khan calls to know the requirements on a daily basis and helps organize water for all involved.

Since early May Sonu waving at the bus – laborers seated in has won hearts on the internet. As coronavirus lockdown forced hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers to walk their homes, many died  and there was no ray of hope- Sonu Sood, an actor primarily known for villainous on-screen roles came out to assist them cannot be ignored.

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