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Sonu Sood Indirectly Takes A Dig At Kangana Ranaut For Her Controversies In 2020

Sonu Sood has indirectly taken a subtle dig at Kangana Ranaut for her controversial statements this year.

Bollywood actors Sonu Sood and Kangana Ranaut topped the headlines this year but for different reasons. While Sonu turned out to be a messiah for poor people in times of crisis, Kangana mostly made news for picking up fights with lots of people every other day.

In a recent interview, Sonu Sood has taken an indirect dig at Kangana Ranaut for her controversies in 2020. He said, “What really upset me was seeing some of our own people speak against the industry. This is that industry for which we leave our homes and families. It is an industry that fulfills dreams. And now, to see people point fingers at it, you can imagine how it must have affected us.”

He further added, “We all like to think we’re one big family, but the chains that can bind us are missing. People align themselves with others, no one reaches out to praise you or to offer advice. Everyone is constrained. They say they are a part of Bollywood, but they’ve created barriers around themselves.”

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