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Sonu Sood Talks About People Pouring Milk On His Posters

In his latest interview off late, the philanthropist and renowned Bollywood star Sonu Sood opens up on people pouring milk on his life sized posters and much more.

Apart from being a nuanced and fantastic bollywood actor who is loved by his fans in India, he was also labelled as a messiah for migrants and labourers in last year during coronavirus pandemic and now a saviour for people suffering from COVID 19 second wave in 2021. Jodha Akbar (2008) fame bollywood actor and also a tollywood star Sonu Sood talks about people pouring milk on his posters.

In his latest interview, reacting to the video of people pouring milk on his poster size figure at Andhra Pradesh that went viral on social media and took internet by storm, Sonu Sood talks about people pouring milk on his posters.

Now also a philanthropist apart from bring a well renowned bollywood star as well, feeling humbled and also a bit apprehensive, Sonu Sood talks about people pouring milk on his posters.

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The bonafide bollywood star who became a messiah for students, migrants, labourers during COVID first wave last year and now also a saviour for really needy people who can’t afford oxygen beds in hospitals by actively helping them through his social media platforms on twitter, in his latest interview conversation with a leading digital entertainment portal, Sonu Sood talks about people pouring milk on his posters.

It so happened that his fans in Andhra Pradesh literally ended up pouring milk on his photograph showcasing their love and affection for him and also lauded him for his selfless and relentless work during COVID 19 both the times now. This video which actually showed all his fans pouring milk on his life sized posters had totally ended up getting viral on social media which also took the internet by storm and now finally Sonu Sood has given his honest reaction to it, and mentioned about how much humbled he is but also spoke about feeling a bit apprehensive too as now in this year these are totally challenging times wherein every drop of milk and each morsel of food counts.

Opening up on the same, feeling elated, Sonu Sood said, “Because this is the way the people in the South show their love for you. They are very demonstrative about their feelings. And they never hide their feelings for the ones they love. Actors in the South have had temples dedicated to them”.

Having said all this, Sonu also cautioning against such extravagance says, “These are very tough times. Every morsel of food and every drop of milk counts. The nation is suffering. We are all trying to help in our ways. So I’d urge my fans to not use milk and other expensive items to show their appreciation. Your love reaches out to me anyway. You don’t have to show it. Use that resource to help the needy”.

When asked about being deified, Sonu giving his honest take said, “It is a bit embarrassing and daunting. I am only doing what we all need to do during this crisis. If God has given you resources and power to help the needy, don’t let that opportunity slip out of your hands”.

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