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“Songs Like Kesariya Don’t Work In Independent Music” – Meet Bros

Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros talked about the difference in Bollywood songs and independent music. He cited Kesariya song as an example.

Meet Bros recently released their new single Javaan Toofaan during a grand launch event in Mumbai. Meet Bros are known for their independent songs and their composition for films like OMG- Oh My God! and Do Dooni Chaar. During an exclusive chat at launch of Javaan Toofan, we asked Meet Bros that how different is it to compose music for films from singles?

Harmeet Singh of the duo replied, “There are some raags which are very filmy and some are independent. Lyrics also play an important role because youth likes relatability in independent music. The lyrics of film songs can be poetic or generic types. They can be larger than life. Even if they are unreal, but beautiful, like Kesariya, it works for films. But it can’t work in independent music. They say that our Lippi (translated as ‘script’ in English) changes every 100 kms. So, Bollywood has its own Lippi which is a bit different.”

“However, times are changing. A lot of independent songs are being used in films now. Our songs like ‘Nachaange Saari Raat’, ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ etc were independent but have now been used in films,” he added.

Manmeet Singh said, “Music changes with time. After certain time, music demands new sound. And we are very sensitive about this since last 10 years. We keep thinking about what new sound and music we can bring to the public. Our team keeps working towards it.”

Talking about their song Javaan Toofaan, it is a romantic song by the Meet Bros, Ash King & Khushboo Grewal. The video features Nishant Malkhani & Yashita Singh.

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