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Sonam Kapoor Marks 11 Glorious Years Of Iconic Movie Aisha

An exciting news scoop of the day here is that the global fashion icon and bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor marks 11 glorious years of iconic movie Aisha.

The quintessential and global fashion icon along with being a remarkable bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor marks 11 glorious years of iconic movie Aisha.

Last seen in the critically acclaimed Netflix film AK Vs AK (2020), Sonam Kapoor marks 11 glorious years of iconic movie Aisha.

Taking to her account on the globally booming Clubhouse app in a recent session, Khoobsurat (2014) fame iconic star and performer Sonam Kapoor marks 11 glorious years of iconic movie Aisha.

Apart from marking 11 years of this really special film which marked renowned producer Rhea Kapoor’s maiden debut film in bollywood industry, she also did make some really baffling truth revelations which did make all her fans go shocked.

Fashionista and ace actor Sonam Kapoor and her sister who is a renowned fashion designer and producer Rhea Kapoor have collaborated together on several projects and also constantly give sibling goals to fans and netizens. In a recent Clubhouse app session, Sonam Kapoor finally revealed that she and her sister Rhea Kapoor had been bullied during the initial Aisha (2010) days by some men in the industry. Aisha was Rhea’s debut as a producer in this film industry.

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Explaining the same, Sonam said, “As women, we don’t realise that there is more power in numbers. The way my sister (Rhea) and I were bullied through the process of making the film by some of the men in the industry made us realise when there are more of you together, it’s easier to stand up to things and give each other strength. So that is the one thing that was a takeaway from Aisha that I always knew my sister was my best friend”.

Rhea Kapoor speaking about how this iconic and cult movie was initially hated and trolled but was gradually liked by the audience and then opening up on the criticism faced by Aisha on its release, she said, “What a lot of people don’t know about Aisha is that the film became more accepted and successful many years after its release. Gal Mithhi Mithhi Bol was the only thing that was outright successful. The film made a little bit of money, but received a lot of hate initially. People thought we made this film simply because we could, but the release of the film forced us both to grow up a lot”.

Aisha, released 11 years back in the year 2010, was loosely based on Jane Austen’s hit and bestselling novel Emma, and was directed by Rajashree Ojha.

The movie had plot of Sonam as a wealthy girl based in Delhi named Aisha, who is also a self-proclaimed matchmaker. However, all her attempts to set her friends up with the love of their lives according to her go for a toss.

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