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Sona Mohapatra’s Befitting Reply To A Twitter Troll Is Epic

Bollywood Singer Sona Mohapatra's befitting reply to a twitter troll is epic as she sets him straight in her own way.

Nowadays social media is quickly becoming one of the most trickiest and dangerous places today with no censorship and monitoring along with unfiltered usage of freedom of speech and expression too where majority of the film and TV actors along with the singers don’t give heed to haters and trolls, but here a social media war took place recently where we are proud to say that Sona Mohapatra’s befitting reply to a twitter troll is epic.

It’s not every day that someone gives a scathing reply to her haters and trollers and here it’s a moment of pride when we see just how Sona Mohapatra’s befitting reply to a twitter troll is epic.

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She’s one of the most mellifluous and ace Bollywood singers in our industry who is known for songs like Ambarsariya (Fukrey 2013), Bedardi Raja (Delhi Belly 2011), Jiya Laage Na (Talaash 2012), Daav Laga (Aagey Se Right 2009), Dil Aaj Kal (Purani Jeans 2014), Chori Chori (Hunterrr 2015) and Naina (Khoobsurat 2014).

She is also known for being bold and fearless in voicing out her opinions and take on evil and shameful malpractices that still happen in our country even today.

When it all goes down to shutting down a troll’s mouth very effectively so that before spewing any crap next time around he thinks atleast a hundred times there is literally no match of bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra. 

She is by far a perfect living example and testimony of being straightforward yet with savage level being on fleek everytime where one wrong word or sentence is enough to make her tear you apart into pieces if you even try messing with her.

This is exactly what she did with a troll and twitter user who asked her, “why all feminists have to show cleavage in order to compete with men”.

That trolls tweet on twitter read, “Why all feminists have to show cleavage in order to compete with men… and after seeing ur few interviews i think ur a victim of bolly gang but again ur trying to woo them to be in their gang. wat a dichotomy”.

But Sona is not someone who sugar coats things and never likes mincing words so giving it back to that troll very hard she also wrote a tweet which read, “I’d suggest you treat the multiple ‘cleavages’ in your brain before talking with anyone, let alone with a ‘feminist’ trying to ‘woo’ the ‘bolly gang’.. (Cleavage, noun: a sharp division; a split)”.

Source: Sona Mohapatra Twitter. She gave a savage reply to this troll on Twitter

She has always been very vocal and actively taking stands for the inequality in B Town be it differential pay parity between male and female actors, trusting women directors, and so on along with speaking out loud about the sexism and misogynistic standards of the Bollywood film industry.

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