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Somy Ali Calls Jayesh Sheth One Of The Best Photographers

In her recent interview, the former bollywood actress and now a humanitarian with No More Tears, Somy Ali calls Jayesh Sheth one of the best photographers.

Former Bollywood actress who was one of the most loved actresses in B town back in 90’s and has been part of films like Krishan Avtaar, Yaar Gaddar, AnthTeesra Kaun, Andolan and Mafia, in her recent interview off late, Somy Ali calls Jayesh Sheth one of the best photographers.

All praises for the Indian celebrity photographer Jayesh Sheth, Somy Ali calls Jayesh Sheth one of the best photographers.

Its true that former Bollywood star turned humanitarian Somy Ali’s life is dedicated to her US based NGO No More Tears (NMT), which assists and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and opening up on her lauding the celebrity photographer, Somy Ali calls Jayesh Sheth one of the best photographers.

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Talking about it, Somy Ali says that the first time she met him was for a photoshoot with Lehren in 1993 and elaborating on same, she said, “Soon after, Jayesh became a brother, friend, a mentor and perhaps one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. There has to be a certain chemistry and comfort level between a photographer and the subject or else no matter what, the pictures will not be what is required. I found that comfort level only with Jayesh as I deem him to be the best”, said Somy, whose first photoshoot was with photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha.

Commenting on the best thing about Jayesh’s photography, Somy, who has acted in Bollywood films like Anth: A Dream for a Better Tomorrow and Chupp said, “Well, for one he has shot my favourite actress Rekha multiple times and all the pictures are breathtaking. To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. If you combine her beauty with Jayesh’s skills, of course you will see magic. Secondly, his style is quite unique compared to others. He works based on the subject and knows exactly what to say to them to bring out the best pictures possible. Jayesh is excellent at his craft and has immense experience which supersedes all else when it comes to getting the perfect shot”.

The activist of Pakistani descent believes that it is important to get clicked by the right photographer and talking about same, she said, “In photography, lighting and lenses are everything and if one is even slightly off in getting those elements wrong then the photos will not be good. I know this because I have shot with several photographers, not just in India, but even editorials in the US. Of course, to reiterate the chemistry plants a pivotal role between both the photographer and the subject”.

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