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Somy Ali : A Love Triangle In Cinema Always Ignites Our Curiosity

In her recent interview, the former bollywood actress and now a humanitarian with No More Tears, Somy Ali says when we are presented with a love triangle in cinema, it ignites our curiosity.

Former Bollywood actress who was one of the most loved actresses in B town back in 90’s and has been part of films like Krishan Avtaar, Yaar Gaddar, AnthTeesra Kaun, Andolan and Mafia, in her recent interview off late, Somy Ali says a love triangle in cinema always ignites our curiosity.

Sharing more details about same, the former B-town actress and now a social activist who is the founder of No More Tears (NMT), opening up on love triangles in films, Somy Ali says a love triangle in cinema always ignites our curiosity.

Its true that former Bollywood star turned humanitarian Somy Ali’s life is dedicated to her US based NGO No More Tears (NMT), which assists and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and speaking about the concept of how lovbe triangles spice up the film and arouse intrigue in audiences, Somy Ali says a love triangle in cinema always ignites our curiosity.

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Love is the most important human emotion and watching it on-screen, be it in films, TV or OTT, makes it a visual treat. But for ages stories with love triangles have left the audience intrigued and surprised. Former Bollywood actress and No More Tears founder Somy Ali feels love triangles works because it generates curiosity and on this, she started off by saying, “As humans, we are unpredictable beings, and we fall in and out of love easily. That is just a natural phenomenon and when we are presented with a love triangle in cinema, it ignites our curiosity as to who the subject will end up with and how the one rejected will react. We begin to project our own selves into that specific scenario or script. Personally speaking, there is nothing more to it than ultimately learning the conclusion, be it film or real life”.

She further stressed that such indian films and hindi movies also grab eyeballs because the audience eagerly waits to see how it ends and speaking on this in details, she said, “Movies like Mujhse Dosti Karoge! or even Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, both films were interesting solely based on the novelty of the scripts. All subjects were in a severely emotional paradox, and we, the audience, were desperately waiting to see the conclusion in the above-mentioned films”.

She concluded by adding, “As a viewer, I find them entertaining because this happens very often in real life as well. Two people falling in love or lust with the same individual is not uncommon, however, the conclusion is the only interesting aspect to this specific scenario”.

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