Somy Ali: Old Hindi Songs Take Me Back To My Childhood In Pakistan

In her latest one on one conversational interview, former bollywood actress now a full time social activist Somy Ali says old hindi songs take me back to my childhood in Pakistan.

Former Bollywood actress who was one of the most loved actresses in B town back in 90’s and has been part of films like Krishan Avtaar, Yaar Gaddar, AnthTeesra Kaun, Andolan and Mafia, in her recent digital interview off late, Somy Ali says old hindi songs take me back to my childhood in Pakistan.

Sharing more details about same, the former B-town actress and now a social activist, founder of No More Tears (NMT), Somy Ali says old hindi songs take me back to my childhood in Pakistan.

Its true that former Bollywood star turned humanitarian Somy Ali’s life is dedicated to her US based NGO No More Tears (NMT), which assists and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and opening up on how music has been integral part of her life, Somy Ali says old hindi songs take me back to my childhood in Pakistan.

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Somy Ali feels life without music is like trying to breathe without oxygen. Music takes us to places. There are songs that bring back good or bad memories too. Sharing more details on same, she says, “My favourite will always be Kishore Kumar, who sang the majority of songs for films featuring Rajesh Khanna. Given he was also an actor, I think he had the power to bring such immense magic to every song, be it romantic or sad, that no one else could compete with. And, then there is of course Lata Mangeshkar. I mean no one can even come close to Lata ji’s talent. She is a legend and I love the harmony between Kishore Da and Lata ji. I love Sam Smith’s music and my ultimate favourite of late has been Adele”.

Listing her favourite songs, she continues, “Kahin door Jab Din Dhal Jaye has been sung so beautifully by Mukesh ji that you can feel the pain of the character, played by Rajesh Khanna. Jennifer Lopez’s My Love Don’t Cost a Thing, is one song I am obsessed with. In fact I love all her songs and listen to them while working out. I also think Taylor Swift is extremely talented”.

There was a time when music was only available on gramophone records, audio cassettes and CDs, now with technological advancement everything is just a click away and opening up on this, she shares, “It’s wonderful to have that access and you can pretty much pick what you want to hear based on how you are feeling in that specific moment. I love it. Progression is always great as long as we don’t engage in piracy as artists work very hard and we should respect their talent”.

Talking more about how music has the ability to change our mood, Somi adds, “It can make you happy, sad and also make you feel like dancing… I can’t exercise without music. I get sad with certain songs like Shallow by Lady Gaga, another unbelievable talent. I go through a literal time travel when I listen to old Hindi songs as it takes me back to my childhood days in Pakistan. My mom would always play songs sung by Kishore Kumar, Rafi Sahab and so many others from that era. So, anytime I hear those songs, it reminds me of my childhood. There is no life without music”.