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Somy Ali: I Was Sexually Abused Twice And Raped At 14

Known for acting in films like Chupp, Mafia and Teesra Kaun, former B town star and now a philanthropist Somy Ali says I was sexually abused twice and raped at 14 in her recent interview.

In her recent interview, former Bollywood actress who now is a philanthropist running her own NGO and is settled in Miami, Somy Ali says I was sexually abused twice and raped at 14.

In a recently conducted interview off late, the former Bollywood actress hailing from Pakistan, who has been part of hit films like ChuppMafia and Teesra Kaun in Bollywood industry and now is a full time philanthropist after quitting film industry more than two decades ago, in a recent interview, Somy Ali says I was sexually abused twice and raped at 14.

Speaking more in detail about issues like sexual abuse, domestic violence and lots more, Somy Ali says I was sexually abused at 9 and raped at 14.

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Sharing the details about her NGO No More Tears and about her entire backstory of being a rape and sexual abuse victim, in a recent exclusive interview with a leading digital Bollywood entertainment portal, Somy Ali says I was sexually abused twice and raped at 14.

Somy Ali who is a full time social worker and activist that runs her own NGO No More Tears which rescues rape victims and children who are sexually abused made a startling revelation which is that she herself has been a victim of it in her childhood and teenage.

Somy opened up about how it took so much long enough for her to be honest and bold about her story and felt like a hypocrite person for not having enough guts to speak out loud even after successfully running a non-profit organization from past 14 years now and on this she said, “The first time I was sexually abused in Pakistan, I was 5 years old. There were 3 incidents in the servant’s quarters. I told my mum and dad, actions were taken. But what my parents told me is that, ‘Beta yeh kisiko batana nahi’. In my head, I lived with that for years. I thought, ‘Did I do something wrong? Why was I told by my parents?’ Pakistan and Indian cultures are very image-based. They were protecting me but I didn’t understand it. Again there was an incident at 9, then again at 14”.

She also went on to add, “Three years ago, I started speaking out. Even though I was running this non-profit organisation for 14 years, I found myself hypocritic for not being able to speak up”.

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