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Some Interesting And Unknown Facts About Anushka Sharma Kohli

In this article we will share with you some unknown and interesting facts about Anushka Sharma.

Anushka Sharma has completed a decade in the Bollywood industry and has gained herself enough recognition as a dependable actress. She has been part of many hit movies in her acting career. Recently in the year, she got married to the Indian Men’s Cricket captain Virat Kohli.

Even after so many years of Anushka Sharma Kohli in the industry, there are a lot of interesting facts about her which are yet unknown to her fans and followers. But, today we will reveal some of these unknown facts for the honest fans of Anushka Sharma Kohli.

1) Anushka Sharma Kohli became the youngest producer in the Bollywood industry at the age of 25 with the production name Clean Slate Films. 

2) Anushka Sharma Kohli’s brother Karnesh Sharma is a state-level cricketer, which connects her with the game since her younger days and not just through her hubby.

3) Anushka’s dad is an army officer, which means she had a migrating childhood and was brought up in various locations of India.

4) Anushka was really good at studies and even achieved top ranks in her academics.

5) Anushka’s first break as a model was just while she was loitering around in a mall and a popular fashion designer spotted her in one shop and gave her the break.

These are just a few facts about the actress with a lot of secrets.

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