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Singer Purva Mantri Encourage Vocal for Local!

Singer Purva Mantri encourages Bamboo Rakhi Project for Festival that gets inspiration from honorable P.M. Modi Ji’s ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.

It’s time to shine and make our country proud! India has always been known for its rich heritage and its cultural craftsmanship. Taking the word of Narendra Modiji and the overall initiative of Vocal for Local, singer and performer Purva Mantri has also adopted an entire village Chinchpada, has taken up the initiative of making rural India proud with her narrative.

Project Green Gold derives its inspiration from two honorable dignitaries Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and our PM Shri Narendra Modi. It is Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who categorized bamboo as ‘Green Gold’ and it is Mr. Narendra Modi who helped to define bamboo as grass that allowed villagers to use bamboo to their benefit. Today, Purva Mantri wants to help, spread the word and showcase the immense craftsmanship that lies in small unidentified spaces across the country.

While she spends an entire day at this small village Vikramgarh and makes Rakhi herself, she has come to a realization that it is important for each individual, in his capacity to be able to give back to humanity in his own way. With this intent, while she handles end-to-end services and takes on responsibilities of three villages from sanitization to education and even livelihood, she has made it a mission to spread the word loud and wide. She has also taken steps to ensure that women get the kind of independence through labor making them Aatśmanirbhar.

Speaking about this overall initiative, singer and performer Purva Mantri shares, ‘When I visited the village myself for the Bamboo Rakhi Project for Rakhi Festival, I was amazed to see how innovatively they had curated some of the finest pieces. There is immense talent and resources available around, it is only important for it to reach the right people. I am thankful to Keshav Shrusti and YVO (Young Volunteers Organization) for making me a part of this entire initiative. It is totally given me a sense of satisfaction and I will do everything within my capacity to ensure that I can bring them the right kind of opportunities to be able to not only make a living but also bring fame to the craftsmanship of India across the globe

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